Wagner Research & Consulting provides marketing research support to consumer goods and services companies, marketing and marketing research firms, and advertising, promotion and design agencies.


With more than 25 years of client-side marketing research management experience, Lauren utilizes her researchers’ tool-box to design, analyze, and report all types of consumer research studies, including:


  • Advertising Research
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Product and Package Testing
  • Tracking Studies
  • Consumer and Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Attitudinal Segmentation Studies
  • Brand Imagery and Positioning Studies
  • Awareness and Usage Studies


Each marketing and business issue require a unique research solution to get the most actionable insights. That’s why Lauren utilizes a variety of research methods to collect the key information needed to make the decision, including:


  • Qualitative techniques (using a professional moderator) such as in-depth one-on-one interviews, focus groups, or mini groups.


  • Quantitative methods (working with leading marketing research firms) such as online/internet surveys, telephone interviews, mall-intercept surveys, or mail surveys.