Strategic. Disciplined. Intuitive. Cost Effective. Lauren Wagner is the consumer market research resource that guides both quantitative and qualitative consumer projects to actionable insights.  She is always my first call on any new research project.

Jeff Werderman
Sr. Marketing Manager Pentel of America


Working with Lauren is like having an entire consumer research department on staff. She completes the entire project on time and on budget and delivers final reports that are immediately executable. Id strongly recommend her for any consumer research project one may have.

Donald H. George
Former Senior Vice President, Marketing, Chicken of the Sea, International


Lauren played an instrumental role in the re-launch of the Heinz/Del Monte Baby Food business assisting the Del Monte Marketing and Sales team with her expertise across the various areas of market research. Her inquisitive approach to challenging the group was a key driver in ensuring actionable results from the extensive research undertaken over the course of the project. I definitely would employ Laurens services given the expert advice and guidance she lends to the process.

Kevin T. Holden
Former General Manager Infant Feeding, Del Monte Foods